Vietnam, nature’s marvel at its best

Whether for business or pleasure, Vietnam is a perfect destination to get away, have the front seat and experience history unfolding right in front of your eyes. From ancient caves, historic sites, to white-sand beaches, Vietnam is nothing short of exciting.
So, if you are planning to visit Vietnam, this busy Asian country has a lot to offer, as long as you know exactly what you want to see. Here are 8 most famous things to do in vietnam.
Welcome to Halong Bay
Halong, or ‘’where the dragon descends into the sea’’, this world heritage located in Northern Vietnam boasts a spectacular collection of islands. Enjoy the amazing views this geographical wonderland has to offer, perfect for relaxation, photography and geological exploration. Peak seasons run from mid-May and early august when the sky is clear blue.
Visit the War Remnants Museum
Get a front row seat to the famous Vietnam War remnants. Experience well documented memoirs of the My Lai Massacre, real U.S armored vehicles, artifacts, bombs and weapons from the war. Located at the former United States Information Service building, this famous museum holds a piece of Vietnam-American history you will not get from Hollywood or the Discovery channel.
Swim through an underground river at the Paradise Cave
As the name suggests, this is a true piece of paradise. Extending 31 kilometers at the heart of forested karst peaks, even a kilometer is enough beauty for one day. Explore this pre-historic location, as a group for an exciting view of gigantic stalagmites and colossal stalactites. Swim through the underground river and enjoy real native delicacies at the end of your trip.
Capture wild moments at the Cat Tien National Park
Extending 72,000 hectares, experience the wild Vietnam has to offer when you visit the famous Cat Tien National Park. Carry your camera with you and capture National Geographic-like moments with lots of wildlife to see and birds to watch. It is also a great location for hiking and bike riding. It is truly an exciting place to be.
Experience nature at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Voted a Unesco National Heritage site in 2003, this park is history in a plate. Dating back 400 million years ago, this park boasts multiple underground rivers, caves and spectacular bio diverse tropical scenery. Take time to game drive around the park and you will be lucky if you see the same thing twice.
And finally,
As they say in Vietnam, you can catch a fish with two hands. Plan your trip well. Prior booking is necessary for most locations, and plan early to avoid delays and frustrations. Remember, Vietnamese food is delicious, so, when thinking of things to do in vietnam, excite your taste buds and visit local restaurants for sumptuous Vietnamese delicacies